Alpine Creek

The alpine being the highest point and the creek being among the lower points of the mountain. Both are inevitable in the presence of the other. Just like in life, if you want to get to higher heights, it's inevitable you will experience lower points. It takes a certain level of focus to not be swayed by how low you are, but to stay moved by the way life still ebbs and flows into low places. There is beauty in the creek and at the peak of the mountain and neither of them is more or less valuable.

An alpine creek is like the bloodstream to the body. The creek is carried by gravity to the lower places so that even the lowest place is living. When we keep our heart focused, we will realize there is a creek that brings life to the deepest depths of our journeys. We cannot choose height without depth because there is not one without the other.

Why do we love the peak of the mountain so much? That seems like a rhetorical question, but it’s funny how we never really think about the real reason. 

You feel like you're on top of the world?

Because you’re used to level ground and being higher up/at the pinnacle of your goals feels freeing?

Is it your sense of accomplishment? 

The reality is, we long to experience the highest altitude because of the view we get to have peering over the low places. The sense of heightened vision. We get this view from up high, and we know what’s DOWN there, so we get to see the deep living from up high. Without the stream of water flowing from the creek down below, the top of the mountain seems purposeless, because the low points would be lifeless.


Writer: Andrea Philbrick
Photographer: Cy Sirok
Model: Nigel Smith