Change the World

How does one change something so vast?

Our Change the World trucker hat has become a core piece to our brand and community. To Circle Author, it feels like a form of accountability. It is a statement of “intent of action” for the wearer.

“You can’t really change the world as a whole. You have to first affect the world in a way that invokes a change in the world,” (Co-founder, Caleb Philbrick).

How do we affect the world?

Take a moment to think about how many people we come in contact with on a daily basis. Whether it be through the internet, social media platforms, your job, your friend groups, or everyday outings to the grocery store, gas station, subway station, or eateries.

If one person approaches the world in their everyday life to carry out their actions motivated by peace, unity, and selfless love, before they realize, their actions have sown seeds of change on many terrains. One person carrying out their life this way causes more change than a shouting crowd of opinions.

“I think of this hat as a daily reminder. I may not be changing the world at this current moment but having a piece that encourages me daily helps me reach those goals,” (Co-founder Daniel Revenkov).

Can we be willing to live like the world is depending on the effect of our words, our actions, and the carrying out of our creative ideas, dreams, and passions?

We can’t help but think of how symbolically powerful something like “wearing a hat” can be. The figurative meaning of “wearing a hat” can mean that one is carrying a title or position. Some of us wear the “parent hat”, the “spouse hat”, the “artist hat” the “leader hat”, the “server hat” and so on, (fill in with what fits). Whatever life hats we wear, we’d like to think of how powerful it would be if they all were influenced in some way with the daily motivation to affect the people around us. When we wear the motto “CHANGE THE WORLD” on our heads, we cover our minds with a higher way of thinking, that would change the way we live, that would then change where we live.

Writer: Andrea Philbrick
Photographer: Chase Thompson
Model: Nigel Smith